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Moonligh Sonata

A little piece of a huge magical evening…Elena Alice Fossi & Manja Kaletka (of X-o-planet) performing Kirlian Camera (official) “Moonlight Sonata for Holograms” at Club From Hell.Video by: Willi DammeierManja Kaletka & Goderic Northstar

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Boytronic / X-O-Planet and Afterparty

Saturday, 18. April 2020 from 20:00 until 04:00 Goldene Krone Schustergasse 18, 64283 Darmstadt Tickets

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Star Warrior Con 2020

We are glad to be there…. “Manja and Goderic from X-O-Planet were enthusiastic about our project and offered themselves promt for a SciFi concert. At the end of the day both let us dive into…

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Erfurt… what a glamorous night!

Our first THANK YOU goes out to the very dedicated crew of the devilishly best venue Club From Hell!It already feels like family.The next thank you goes out to the band and crew of OUL! It was…

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Kebu & X-O-Planet @ Frankfurt Nachtleben

Frankfurt! What a wonderful night!Thanks to Sebastian Teir “Kebu” for everything: the chance to support you, the profound conversation and exchange of experience… There are not enough words to express how much this evening ment to us!Looking…

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KEBU & X-O-Planet – Frankfurt Nachleben

Looking forward to our gig with Kebu – Synth god of Finland.Join us here: Kebu – Live 2019 – #kebu#x_o_planet #synth #frankfurt #batschkappfrankfurt #nachtlebenfrankfurt

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Live @ Club from hell

Erfurt… what a blast?! An enthusiastic audience, musical soul mates (Kirlian Camera (official) & JanRevolution) and a devilishly good venue (Club From Hell Erfurt) including a very dedicated crew! It was a pleasure and a privilege. Manja & @Goderic Northstar (X-O-Planet)

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Kirlian Camera & X-O-Planet

Only two more days and two nights … until the BIG EVENT!!!We pack the rest of the equipment and once again polish the bodywork of the shuttle …and then off with Warp 7 for Club From…

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Kebu & X-O-Planet

Great news! X-O-Planet will support the Finnish synthesizer legend Kebu on 14th May 2019 at Nachtleben Frankfurt! This year 2019 turns out more and more wounderful for us!Stay tuned!Manja Kaletka & Goderic Northstar