L’Âme Immortelle & X-O-Planet

Dear friends of X-O-Planet!2019 started so well for us with the concert at the release party for Schwarzschild’s “Pulsar”.And it continues quite well!We were already able to announce that we have the honor to perform as Special Guest at Club From Hell before Kirlian Camera (official) at one of their rare gigs in Germany on[…]

X-O-Planet live @ the Crowded House – Oberhausen

What a prelude?It has already been mentioned several times: the Schwarzschild release party to “Pulsar” was the cracker !!!And we were there!Thanks again to Dino Serci and Peter Daams and of course the whole Crowded House Cultural Center team!Not least thanks to the many visitors who have made this evening something unique!As a little reminder[…]