At the beginning of 2016, Manja and Goderic decided to incorporate their various musical influences into the project X-O-Planet. The music of the Mainz synth-pop duo consists of spherical synths, which originate from Goderic Northstar's pen, as well as Manja Kaletka's warm, crystal-clear voice color. Manja has been involved in various bands such as the Essen formation Jesus On Extasy, the British avant-garde music group Attrition, the neoclassical band Weltenbrand from Liechtenstein, the band Illuminate and was allowed to participate, for example, on albums of scene sizes such as 18 Summers. Goderic learned to play church organ in his childhood. Later, guitar and bass were added. Inspired by artists of the electronic music scene of the first hour, such as Jean-Michel Jarre and Kraftwerkh, he began to take an interest in electronic sounds. He experimented with analog synthesizers and soon produced his first electronic works. Also, the influence of EBM combos such as Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb Goderic could not escape. In March 2017, X-O-Planet released their debut "Passengers" on behalf of the well-known label Danse Macabre, placing them ninth in the German Alternative Charts. Shortly thereafter, X-O-Planet were also able to prove their live qualities several times by supporting bands like Psyche, Decoded Feedback, Intent: Outtake, The Invicible Spirit and The Saint Paul.