Today we present you the last but not least remix of “Exoplanet”.
And this is a really exotic one.
We are very happy that we could inspire the Japanese artist 小泉 元 for remixing our song.
hAj has founded the band Seij minus aÇ(セイジマイナサス)) in the year 2002.
His influences are J.S. Bach, the Buddhism and Dead Can Dance.
The name “Seij minus aÇ” is a madeup word, which stands for “(music of) a negative dimension immanent in silence”.
The music itself can be described as harsh electro-industrial / abstract electro or rhythmic noise.
The recent album of Seij minus aÇ is called “black acuity suddenly diagonal” is published by the German Label Sonic-X. This is why hAj made his long way out of Tokyo to performed in 2002 in Germany.
Let´s hope he will join us soon again to share his great and unique work with us.