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Today is the day!Our album “RemiXed” can be downloaded on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and Co!You can look forward to four of the finest pieces of jewelry.Each of our highly esteemed music colleagues has refined…

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Arcade Blade Mix

We want to celebrate our five-year X-O-Planet anniversary with you!And what could be more appropriate than the spectacular Arcade-Blade-Mix on the occasionfrom Chai Deveraux to present our song “Like A Feather” ?!This lives up to…

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Kings of spins – DJ Charts

Fantastic news!We just noticed being voted as number 1 of the Kings Of Spins DJ-Charts!!!A big thank you to all of the voting DJs.And thanks to Kings Of Spins for the amazing support!We wish you…

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X-O-Planet – X

Soon it will be time!We are already on the approach to earth,to bring our new album “X” to the people right on time in June.In our luggage we have ten new songs about the beauty…

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Album teaser to the forthcoming album X!

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Voller Schub – Remix

Listen also to the Remix of “Voller Schub”. Spotify | Amazon | Apple Music

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Moonligh Sonata

A little piece of a huge magical evening…Elena Alice Fossi & Manja Kaletka (of X-o-planet) performing Kirlian Camera (official) “Moonlight Sonata for Holograms” at Club From Hell.Video by: Willi DammeierManja Kaletka & Goderic Northstar

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Dear friends, dear fans and dear family!With a recording of our song “Gravity Lost”, which we have honestly done in our four walls especially for you,we want to bring a little bit of the vastness…